Meet Tanya the Hut Warden

We came across this joyous short film via the ever-inspirational Smith Journal. It follows a few days in the life of Tanya, a hut warden in South Island, New Zealand, who loves all things outdoors. When not guiding tourists through the forest, she spends much of her time cleaning, maintaining a rat trap and having fun, all of which looks and sounds pretty good to us.

Japanese Bamboo Art at The Met

Works from one of the finest private collections of Japanese baskets and bamboo sculpture, many never before seen in public, are the focus of an exhibition at The Met Museum. Collected by long-time New York residents Diane and Arthur Abbey, the objects date from the 19th century to the present and are due to enter the museum's collection. Find out more on the exhibition website and view an installation time lapse video below. 

The Haven Smokehouse

By the briny shores of Sheepshead Bay in County Donegal in Ireland, Declan McConnellogue is smoking salmon with peat to recreate the tastes of his childhood. Experience a taste of the Wild Atlantic Way in this video about The Haven Smokehouse.

10 hours in the frozen Arctic

If you long to experience the frozen wilderness of the Arctic, but can't quite spirit the will to leave the cosy confines of your sofa, then you need this audio gem from Youtube. It contains 10 hours of glorious sub-zero ambience captured on an idling icebreaker. So pop on your headphones and enter a sonic paradise of frozen ocean, cracking ice and falling snow.

Isle of Dogs

The new trailer for cult director Wes Anderson's stop-motion animation film Isle of Dogs looks promising. When the corrupt mayor of Megasaki City exiles all canine pets to a vast rubbish dump called Trash Island, a boy called Atari sets off alone in search of his bodyguard-dog, Spots. There, with the assistance of a pack of newly-found mongrel friends, he begins an epic journey that will decide the fate and future of the entire city.