Alexander's Festival Hall

Peacock Island is a song by Alexander Mayor, performing under the moniker Alexander's Festival Hall. It was written as a commission for Intro Magazin, a German music monthly, about the island of Pfaueninsel in Berlin. Mayor wrote the song before he had ever visited Pfaueninsel, but he later filmed this video on a brief trip a few months later.

Writing to The Island Review, Mayor described "Peacock Island" as "a delightful little floating folly in the River Havel in Berlin. The site of royal nookie-making back in the later 1700s, it remains a darling place to visit, with its eponymous inhabitants wandering about occasionally showing a little tail feather.

"There's something quite transporting about writing a song about a place you haven't yet visited, but plan to. I found a few photos on the internet but mostly worked from a conversation with a German friends about it, and of course, good old Wikipedia.

"There's a free download of the song if you like it, here: It will appear on the next Alexander's Festival Hall album, hopefully in early 2014."