Andrew O'hagan in Paradise

"I think being sociable is just a hysterical way of being alone, and my mind often wanders in a crowded room to a quiet place far from the world." The author Andrew O'Hagan recently wrote brilliantly about a holiday he spent in Bora Bora with his girlfriend. He references several island authors and books, but the best thing about his account is the sheer honesty of his prose. In a vignette about spending a night supping champagne, sucking on lychees and sleeping in a glass-floored bedroom from which he could see coral below, he offers his dear readers this dazzling aphorism: "I’m sorry to be such a prick, but paradise would make pricks of us all. That’s why one goes."

Read more and view photos of O'Hagan, ever the dapper renaissance man, loafing about on the beach like a gangster, over at the Guardian.

Andrew O'Hagan photographed at Le Meridien Resort, Bora Bora.