Dis laebrack

As A’m sittin still, at da height o a lang simmer day, da noise fae idder fokk an iverything idder at’s gyaan on, aa stops. In hushes, wan hidmist soond can be heard, quietly in linkit waves. Da soond dat’s steppin in an oot is dat o da sea laandin on da shore. I hear dis laebrack da wye I hear da voices o da faimly I hae, dat irna wi me onymair. Livin lik dis – in Shetland, in July – wi idder fokk laevin, an sang-flans comin in fae da sea – pairtners me wi a timelessness, an we gae, drukken, tae a lang, laamer-light night o stillness an salist. I will not let dis stillness laeve me, when I geng awa fae dis plaece. I will carry da wye da sea soonds daday, tae whaariver it is dat I am ta be. If I wir telt eenoo dat da hale wirld wis tae change, dat I wis nae langer tae be me an iverything I kent wis tae be lost: I wid byde still an say dat I wid not be laevin da soond I heard fae da sea ahint, dat I could be taen tae be somewye idder, but da soond o da sea laandin an da laebrack dat A’m hearin, could not be taen fae me.

Samuel Laurence is the subject of a new film currently being made in Shetland, for more information on his poetry and more information on the film go to disquietproduction.wordpress.com