The Forbidden Experiment

A play about the island of Inchkeith in the Firth of Forth begins a three-day run at Edinburgh's Traverse Theatre today. The Forbidden Experiment was written by Michael John O'Neill and directed by Rob Jones, who collaborate as Enormous Yes. It stars O'Neill and Jones alongside dancer Zosia Jo, and Matt Regan, who also provides music for the performance.

The play weaves together several stories about Inchkeith, including the eponymous experiment, in which King James IV of Scotland sent a mute woman to the island in 1493 together with two infants. His aim, it is said, was to discover the original language of humanity. Inchkieth's secret military history also forms part of the narrative, alongside a story of heartbreak and a mysterious job, ostensibly from O'Neill's own past.

You can read a profile of Enormous Yes and The Forbidden Experiment here, or book tickets for the show by clicking on the image below.