Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos

Later this year, a conference on 'Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos' will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. According to the organisers, 'Islands are often associated with peripherality, yet over the course of human history, they have also been important sites of urban development. Many important regional cities and global cities have developed wholly or partially on small islands or archipelagos. Physical separation from the mainland and spatial limitations along with a maritime tradition can encourage the transport of products and ideas, improved defence infrastructure, construction of social capital, consolidation of political power, formation of vibrant cultures, and concentration of population.'

Such island cities include Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Montreal, Mumbai, New York, St Petersburg, Paris, Venice and Copenhagen itself.

The conference will be held on 21-25 October, but anyone who would like to present a paper must submit an abstract by the end of this month. You can find out more about the conference by clicking on the image below. SONY DSC