slide3 Manonabeach is a fascinating website that explores the coastline of the United Kingdom and the significance of beaches to the people to visit and live near them.

It features interviews with members of the public in a huge number of locations around the country, asking them: “What does the beach mean to you?”

According to the site, this series of short films "celebrates the elemental power of the beach and its profound effect on people who enjoy being where the air, land and sea meet. The beach means different things to different people, whether enhancing creativity, decisiveness and energy, being restorative and settling, part of a routine, a reference point through generations, freedom or just fun.

"In these narratives, you’ll see and hear people re-present their emotions, perceptions and recollections, all drawn out by the enhancing effect of the beach."

Two films from manonabeach can be seen below, taken at Mount's Bay and on the causeway to St Michael's Mount (see Emma Easy's essay about that island here).

You can also visit the website by clicking the image at the top of this page.