Places apart

'Islands are places apart. They breed special species of their own. And they encourage people, too, to go their own ways, fostering secrets unknown to strangers; isolation provides natural sustenance for cultures as much as creatures. Islands generate local riches, born in their own worlds of scattered geological fragments: various, hidden and often marvellous. Islands are fecund and creative.' So begins a wonderful short essay by the award-winning science writer Richard Fortey about islands and our enduring attraction to them, as well as the the importance and fragility of their wildlife.

The essay was commissioned for a project in which twelve artists visited the Galápagos Islands to take part in a residency programme. Each artist 'was given free rein to connect with the Islands in the way most appropriate to their individual curiosity and distinct practice' according to the programme's website.

You can read the rest of Richard Fortey's piece, and see work resulting from the project, by clicking on the image below.