The other side of Cuba

Today's Flotsam comes from one of our readers, Danny Adcock, who recently visited Cuba. He wrote the following: "I fell completely for the wonderful people, the beaches, stunningly contradictory Havana where you walk down one street admiring the beautifully restored colonial architecture and then walk down the next street fearing for your life as it seems quite likely the buildings could crumble around you. The history, the culture, the colour, the revolution, Che, Fidel; a maelstrom of feelings and excitement that hide a darker side. A darker side of poverty, food rationing and shortages, the continuing trade embargo by the US, an authoritarian one-party state, a people desperate to improve their lot in the face of overwhelming hardships."

yoani_carnetTo find out more about this other side of Cuba, Danny recommended this blog by Yoanni Sanchez.

Political blogger Yoanni Sanchez was previously included on Time Magazine's list of 100 most influential people in the world, and her blog has been recommended as one of the 25 best on the web by Time and CNN. She has received numerous other awards and honours for her online campaigning.