The sound of a glacier

Have you ever wondered what a glacier sounds like from underwater? No? Well, perhaps you should have, because the answer is rather amazing. Sound recordist Magnús Bergsson spent time this year in Vatnajökull national park, Iceland, trying to capture noises that few people have ever heard before. In the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, he used hydrophones to record the sound of the glacier and icebergs, as well as of seals and other life in the lagoon.

"The several thousand years old ice was melting with cracks, screeches and scratching the bottom of the lake. Sometimes I could detect a deep rumble sound in a distance, probably when icebergs were scratching the bottom of the 200 meters deep lake. Comparing to all those loud sounds, everything was peaceful above the surface."

You can hear the recording by clicking on the image below.