Behind the scenes at the Harris Tweed mill

Beloved the world over for its sartorial and extreme weather-defying properties, Harris Tweed is one of Scotland's most famous island exports. However, the rise to fame for this glorious cloth has been far from straightforward, as is shown in a charming short film by Nick David and Jack Flynn. Find out how Harris Tweed came to receive its very own Act of Parliament and catch a glimpse of the production process behind the creation of 'The Big Cloth'. 

The greatest cloth of all

Extracts and photographs from Harris Tweed, a stunning book by Lara Platman, are featured on the always-excellent Brain Pickings website. The website's editor Maria Popova writes "Harris Tweed is a unique fabric hand-woven by the islanders on Scotland’s Isles of Harris, Lewis, Uist, and Barra, using local wool and vegetable dyes. Despite its rustic roots, this unusual cloth has risen to international fame, appearing as anything from a premium finish on limited-edition Nike shoes to the attire of choice for celebrated fictional characters like Robert Langdon in The Da Vinci Code, the Doctor from Doctor Who, and Agatha Christie’s detective Miss Marple. Known for its distinctive flecks of color and peculiar scent, produced by the lichen dyes known as “crottle,” Harris Tweed is as much a material as it is a fascinating story about tradition, community, collaboration, and heritage."

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