Truth and Reconciliations

Yesterday, the 27th April, was the twentieth anniversary of the first democratic elections in South Africa. Here we feature a short video of Isobel Dixon’s poem ‘Truths and Reconciliations’ (first published in The Island Review) which reflects on Nelson Mandela and other prisoner’s hard labour on Robben Island, and the work of transition and forgiveness after.

The film was made by Jack Wake-Walker of Algorithm Films.

Isobel Dixon’s collections The Tempest Prognosticator and A Fold in the Map are published in the UK by Salt. Her work is featured in Birdbook I:Towns, Parks, Gardens & Woodland, Psycho Poetica (both published by Sidekick Books), Penguin’s Poems for Love and Salt’s Best of British Poetry 2011. She co-wrote and performed in The Debris Field: Salvaging the Titanic in Word, Sound & Image, and The Debris Field is published by Sidekick Books.

London-based Jack Wake-Walker has been producing documentaries and art films for around five years. His feature-length documentary The Man Who Prints Houses has been shown at a number of international festivals, as well as being broadcast on Italian television. His short poetry film Ten Thousand Things was shown at the Body Electric Festival in Colorado, and Cyclop festival in Kiev. He has frequently collaborated with poets Isobel Dixon, Simon Barraclough and Chris McCabe, and musician Oli Barrett on projects such as Shad Thames, Broken Wharf at the London Word Festival, Doppelgänger with Isobel Dixon at King’s Place and the Filmpoem Festival in Dunbar in 2013, and The Debris Field, a live 45-minute poetry/film experience about the sinking of the Titanic.