The Island Review is not currently accepting submissions (15 January 2019).

The Island Review accepts unsolicited submissions through a submissions manager. Please click here to view our submissions manager and to send your work.

We aim to respond to all submissions within two months. Poetry submissions may take longer due to the volume of work we receive.

We try to inform everyone about the success or otherwise of their submission. Sometimes this doesn't happen, however. So if you don't hear from us within three months it's probably safe to assume we've decided not to publish your work.

What do we want?

The editors of The Island Review are seeking submissions from islanders everywhere, as well as from those whose work is influenced by islands or which explores ideas of islandness.

We’re looking for work that stands out from the crowd: work that is original, daring, witty, wise, radical, intelligent, illuminating or just plain excellent. If you think you fit into any (or all) of those categories, we want to hear from you.

Who can contribute?

Anyone who lives on an island; anyone whose work is about islands, set on an island or inspired by islands; anyone who doesn’t fit quite comfortably into one of these categories but who believes, nevertheless, that their work may be just right for us. Please read this page to find out what we mean by the word ‘island’. But bear in mind, also, that we’re always willing to be persuaded. So, while Australia may be a continental landmass rather than an island proper, if your work seeks somehow to highlight the islandness of that country, we’d probably want to take a look. On the other hand, the island of Manhattan is probably less likely to interest us than, say, Ellis Island. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be interested. If you think your work should be considered, tell us why.


Like online beachcombers, we are always on the lookout for interesting websites, videos, pictures and news to share. If you find anything you think we might like, please email it to us with the title 'Flotsam'.

In addition

We are interested in receiving review copies of relevant books, so if you work for a publisher and want to send us something, then please email us and we can send your our postal address..

If you have any ideas and suggestions for the website – who, what or where would you like to see featured, for instance – we’d very much like to know. And if you would like to offer us help or assistance of any kind, please email us.