Jordan Ogg has been an editor for The Island Review since 2013. He used to work as a journalist in Shetland and still contributes to local publications. He recently collaborated with Folklore Tapes on a project about Isle Maree.

Fiction Editor

Miriam Vaswani is a writer and editor from Atlantic Canada. She is based in London, where she edits for a cultural relations organisation and writes short fiction for various publications. She has previously lived and worked in Tunis, Stuttgart, Moscow, Delhi, Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

Poetry Editor

Roseanne Watt is a poet and filmmaker from Shetland. She is currently reading for a PhD, examining the importance of time and interconnection within the poetry of the Scottish Isles. 

Contributing Editor

Dr Sarah Laurenson is a curator, researcher and writer specialising in craft and design. She is the editor of Shetland Textiles: 800 BC to the Present, an illustrated collection of essays on wool, knitting and weaving. She lives in Edinburgh and recently completed a doctorate on the history of Scotland's jewellery craft.

Contributing Editor

Malachy Tallack is a writer, singer-songwriter and exiled Shetlander. Based in Glasgow, he is author of Sixty Degrees North, The Un-Discovered Islands and The Valley at the Centre of the World. He founded The Island Review in 2013.